Remember there is hope in your life

We get so cocooned in our own lives that we refuse to see the broader perspectives, the life at a macro level. We are so entwined in our own grieves that nothing matters to us anymore. Yes, your hurt is equally important, but let that be taken care of by someone else, just as you may help someone else with his/her grief. If 10 people have deceived you, doesn’t mean that the entire world is full of backstabbers. There would be 10 such people who would love you unconditionally as well. After all, this world runs on balance, the day such a balance cease to exist, the world itself would destroy.

Whenever you may get depressed, lonely, or sad, you may suddenly have a few people around you who ensure that you are alright. What greater force of nature is at work here, one may not comprehend. But what is essential is to make yourself open and available to such channels. Amazingly, even if you shut yourself tightly in your own world and make it all dark, you will still find a lone ray of hope peeping from some corner and try as you may that hope would never leave you.

So, start living, the world needs you.